First Challenge – Baby Steps

In Challenge, Saving Money, Shopping on November 1, 2011 at 2:46 pm

Since I just got back from a very lovely (and expensive) trip to Italy, my first challenge is just to get back into the groove of being home. I am very happy to have my kitchen back! This means no more 25 Euro plates of pasta!

So for this week, I pledge to just cook dinner every night. I will go shopping today to last me from tonight’s dinner until Friday. Then on Saturday, when I pick up my CSA share, I can start my second (but the first actual) challenge. Since I only have 3 more pickups left of the season, I will make the most out of the investment I made into this farm. I will use every item in the share, and I will not buy any extraneous vegetables. I would say the same for fruit, except I didn’t opt for the fruit share this year (which was a huge mistake, because I always drool with envy at the other side of the pickup assembly line).

The first thing I really need to do is clean out my fridge. Luckily I don’t eat too much dairy (and Nick isn’t so great about keeping his meat leftovers), so there shouldn’t be anything too frightful to combat. Then I can make a list of essentials and head over to the store. I’ll pick out whatever veggies look good and aren’t 7.99 a pound.

And I can pretty much guarantee there will not be pasta on the menu this week!

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