Mole with an Autumnal Twist

In Beans, Mexican, Rice, Vegetables on November 3, 2011 at 3:37 pm

Sorry this wasn’t posted sooner.  By the time I finished cooking and eating, I was so exhausted.  I also wanted to be a good girl and wake up early to workout on “the Machine” (our squeaky elliptical).  Hopefully I remember all the yummy details!

After posting about Tuesday night’s meal, my Google calendar reminded me that Wednesday night I had a doctors appointment.  This meant that dinner could potentially be very late.  My husband does not like to wait after coming home from a long day of work.  So (and I know you’re not really supposed to begin a sentence with so), I soaked some black beans that night to be ready for the slow cooker the next day, saving me the 1.5 hours+ it takes to babysit beans on the stove top.  I know yesterday’s meal was Mexican inspired, but tonight’s is a lil bit more “authentic”.

I really wanted to make some enchiladas, because I remembered this amazing recipe from Veganomican for Green Pumpkin Seed Mole sauce.   It is the most out of this world sauce, but it required a food processor (or a blender).  I didn’t have the exact recipe, but I know it had pumpkin seeds, tomatillas, and cilantro.  I usually have salsa verde on hand, so I figured it was a good use of what I had.  It also allowed me to use up all that cilantro I bought.  That morning, I took out my favorite tortillas from the freezer to defrost in the fridge.  They are made from sprouted corn by the same company that makes Ezekial bread.  I highly recommend them.

On my way home from work, I stopped by home to do some prep work before my appointment.   I chopped up all the veggies.  Peppers, onions, carrots, garlic, and dinosaur kale.  Kale is by far my FAVORITE leafy green.  It is so fresh and crunchy.  And if I’m a good girl, I’ll put it in a smoothie to bulk up on veggies and some vitamins.  Don’t the veggies look so purty?

I pulled out a piece of chicken breast to defrost for Nick.  When I told him about the dinner, he kindly asked to insert some flesh into his enchiladas.  I also started to prepare the mole sauce.  I toasted the pumpkin seeds and pulsed them in the food processor.  Then I start to gather the other ingredients.  Cilantro, scallions, and salsa verde.  However, the salsa in the fridge was not as new as I remembered.  I couldn’t open it.  And then when I did, there were some friends swimming around in it.  I was so mad.  I really wanted to make this sauce, and I kind of promised I wouldn’t make another trip to the store.  However, I’d already done a lot of the work.  I caved in and on my way back from my appointment, I multitasked by calling my mother to let her know I was alive after my trip (which she said she only knew from this blog) and stopping at the store to buy ONLY the salsa verde.  When I arrived back home, I finished up the mole sauce.  Not only is it beautiful, but so melt in your mouth delicious.

Once that was done, I had room to place my third kitchen appliance – the rice cooker.  I added some medium grain brown rice (I know not traditionally Mexican, but whatevs), half water/half vegetable stock, a diced tomato, and some Earth Balance.  Then I just clicked the on button and let it to its thang.

I turned the oven on to 400 degrees, then began to saute the veggies in some EVOO.  I started with everything except the kale.  After 8-10 minutes, I added some cumin, ancho chili powder, coriander, and oregano and mixed another minute.  Then the kale was added.  Just a note, I chopped it up really tiny, because otherwise Nick won’t eat it.  I lowered the head, covered, and let it hang out while I prepped the chicken.  I rubbed it in a similar spice mixture as the veggies, and then browned in a pan.

Now comes the hard part – the assembly line.  Last time I made these was with my friend Lindsay in Oakland, and it was much easier with 4 hands.  You basically have to brush the tortillas with oil, place in a pan for 20-30 seconds each side to soften, insert filling, roll up, and place in casserole dish.  This was really hard to do by myself, and took twice as much time.  However, I persevered and made it happen.  I started with the veg ones first, and then I placed some tin foil in between those and the impending chicken/veg ones.  Once all were done, I topped them all with the mole sauce, and then sprinkled some Organic Valley reduced fat Monterey Jack cheese on Nick’s (it’s great for melting, but not so great with crackers – that’s when you want some real good full fat stuff).  Here are the before and after shots.

Then came time to put it all together.  I only have a complete plate of the veg version, because Nick had a conference call and ate his in a piecemeal way.  Also, when I took his out of the pan they didn’t really stay together.   This is what my plate looked like.  I love all the pretty colors, and how the black beans look almost purple!  The enchilada on the left is with the baked mole sauce, and the one on the right (that was so overstuffed it was more like a taco) has some extra fresh sauce that I reserved:

And now, one last tidbit for a special someone bored at work.  What did Puff Daddy say to Biggy Smalls at Rosa Mexicana?

More mole, more problems.  Sounds like a good song to me 🙂

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