A Giant Victory

In Italian, Salad, Vegetables on November 8, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Ah, Sunday football.  If I hope to have any of my husband’s attention between 12:30 and 11:00 PM on a Sunday, I better have him invite friends over so I can cook for them and open their beers.  Especially if it’s the Giants vs. the Patriots.

It was a lovely day.  We went to the diner, and began to shop.  Most of the items were for game day.  In fact, a good $45 was just in beer.  Nick really wanted to make his great uncle Mark’s pizza recipe.  Now, I was trying to wait a full 2 weeks before ingesting any Italian cuisine after our trip, but who am I kidding?  We got the special dough, some cheeses, meats, and onions for toppings, and guac and chicken wing ingredients.  I really wanted to try to replicate this amazing pizza al taglio we had in Rome that had smoked mozzarella and mushrooms marinated in a garlic and herb oil.  It was also another chance to whip out my new EVOO 🙂

I also got some items for the week: vegetable broth, almond milk, some pears, and some beans I wanted to use this week.

Now, I apologize for not taking enough photos, but I totally forgot until Nick’s sister started talking about this blog and Nick asked “aren’t you gonna take pictures?”

We let the dough defrost and rise, and then began to stretch it out with our fingers on an oiled baking sheet.  Then with a smidge of sauce (which I made from San Marzano D.O.P. tomatoes and some garlic and fresh basil), I baked the dough for a few minutes, prepping it for toppings.  Half of the pizza had sauce, regular mozzarella, some prosciutto and red onion.  The other half was the vegetarian side that was a small strip of margarita, and the rest smoked mozzarella with the marinated mushrooms.

I also made a yummy salad, similar to the one I made on Friday.  It was a nice light balance to the heaviness of the pizza.

There was a little bit of dough left, so we made a second small pie.  Many more mushrooms = much more deliciousness.

Then I finally got to sit and eat and pretend to watch the game.  It was super uneventful in the first half, but then it was a flashback to the 2008 Super Bowl.  Only this time, I wasn’t working for an evil corporation that sent me to a month long training in Albuquerque, NM and the only thing to do was watch football at the bar.  Also, the pizza there totally sucked.

Tonight’s meal didn’t really use my CSA veggies, just a lil bit of the lettuce leaves.  However, I did finish up the salad stuff from last week, so it was a step in the right direction.  I also had some of the collards on Saturday with my lunch, as well as every day so far this week.  Monday’s dinner uses A LOT of the veggies, so please enjoy the next post!

P.S.  Writing and taking pictures is A LOT of work.

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