Breakfast of Champions

In Bread, Fruit, Nuts, Oats on November 9, 2011 at 1:24 pm

Last night I did not cook.  I was just so exhausted.  I slept a good 12 hours.  When I woke up, I needed something nourishing to provide me with the energy to make it through my day.

My newest breakfast obsession is oatmeal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, diced pears, and cinnamon.

I’ll put it all into a bowl, and either let it soak a few minutes,


or I’ll use the microwave and nuke 2 minutes, stir, another 2, and maybe 1 more.  It is so yummy and sweet, no need for any sugar or sweeteners.  It is also super cheap to make, probably about 75ish cents.  It also keeps me full until lunch time (well, that, and coffee).

This morning, however, I didn’t even have 5 minutes to nuke, so I took a slice of Ezekiel bread, spread some raw almond butter, and placed some sliced pears on it.  I didn’t even have time for a photo!  It’s basically the same flavor palate, only the bread is slightly more processed, and it has wheat in it.  I try not to eat too much wheat, but sometimes a sister’s gotta grab something quick!  I also like to top toast with smashed beans, avocado, tomato, and lettuce.

What are your go-to breakfasts?

  1. I also enjoy a good oatmeal in the morning! I like to add raisins, nuts, and brown sugar (which isn’t so healthy). I also get lazy and buy it instead of make it. What kind of oatmeal do you usually get?

    • If I’m a good girl, I use the steel cut oats, but they take a while to cook. I’ve experimented making them in the rice cooker, but they don’t come out quite as well. Otherwise, I buy organic rolled (old fashion) oats in the bulk section. They are usually $1.29/lb, sometimes even 79 cents on sale!

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  3. […] breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and coffee for myself and Nick.  My usual breakfast was my oatmeal/fruit combo and egg whites with spinach and salsa, whereas Nick preferred cereal with strawberry yogurt.  I […]

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