Next Challenge – Battle of the Bulge

In Challenge on December 7, 2011 at 4:05 pm

I know, I know.  You’d think with my half vegetarian, half vegan, all organic diet I wouldn’t have to worry about packing on the pounds.  Unfortunately, it’s Holiday season, unofficially known as “I-Don’t-Give-a-!@#$-what-I-Eat” Month.  Not only are people hosting “comforting” holiday meals and parties, but everyone also makes all these yummy baked goods that “you must try.”  Quotes are being used because I am actually directly quoting people who have used these lines on me.

Yes, the occasional treat or self-forgiveness at airport food selections may be granted.  However, I’ve noticed not only has some excuse or another been applied at least 3 days a week, but I also neglect my culinary convictions for the greater part of the week’s remainder.  You did notice that I made nachos for dinner one night, right?  I’ve also significantly reduced my actual cooking and shopping in the past 2 weeks.  Coincidence that Turkey Day was 2 weeks ago?  You be the judge.

With the New Year just around the corner, I had been reflecting on the prior’s year resolution.  It wasn’t anything drastic, just to maintain my level of physical fitness and physique.  The year prior to that I had really changed my lifestyle and lost about 30 lbs, 5 of which I intentionally gained back.  The best part of my transformation was not the lower jean-label number, but my ability to feel healthy and energized.  Case in point, I could do REAL pushups, which in nearly 10 years of exercising I was never able to do.  I was also able to reduce my running pace by nearly 1 and a half minutes per mile for a 10k race.  Well, with 3 and 1/2 weeks left this year, my hopes for starting 2012 the same as 2011 seem a little out of reach.  This is not just a vanity or weight issue (although it would be nice to be 5 or so pounds lighter), but I really want to recommit myself to the lifestyle changes that helped me achieve my goals in the past.

There are a few steps and stages to achieving both short and long term goals.  They are supposed to be written out “SMART” goals (corporate HR lingo) – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant/Realistic, Time Bound.  I am still working on spec’ing them out (and I have a new fitness buddy/coach system to keep my accountable), but I know for sure one of the means by which I can achieve my goals is by modifying my diet.  It’s important for me to go back to eating those 5-6 smaller meals, refraining from processed foods like bread and cereal (which although I rarely eat have begun to increase in frequency), and avoiding grains at dinner.  The difficulty with the last part is creating flexible meals for both me and my husband.  He needs starch at dinner.  If I don’t feed him any nutritious whole grains, he will eat popchips or tortilla chips and salsa later that night when I’ve retired.

As a result of all of these circumstance, I’ve decided for my next blog-challenge to make dinner options that are starch-free for me, and carb-friendly for the hubby.  I’ve had experience with this before, but sometimes it takes some creativity.  I will pledge to cook at least 4 dinners per week and report the results to all you readers until the New Year arrives. I will sporadically blog about other meals/snacks, as well as athletic endeavors, but the majority of the posts will chronicle dinner de”lights”.  Since the CSA deal is on hold until June, I am left to fend for produce at the farmers’ markets and regular stores, so it will be interesting to see how that affects my time schedule and my wallet.

Another side goal is to maintain a 5-veggie-servings-per-day minimum.  Most days this is not an issue.  However, I noticed that the day I flew back from the LBC that there were no veggies for purchase at all.  I ended up buying a snack pack that had some dried fruit, nuts, crackers, and hummus, but no veggies.  I had a fruit smoothie for breakfast, so that was a missed opportunity for veggie consumption.  Although I may not blog about it, it is definitely on my list.

I already have two dinners to blog about…so hold on to your horses!

What are some of your healthy eating goals?

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  2. […] If somebody asked me what my favorite cuisine was, it would be a tie between Italian and Mexican.  This night’s meal (which I actually made last Tuesday – so much for punctual blogging) belongs in the latter category.  Although Mexican is commonly associated with cheesy-fried-carbs and fatty meats, one actually has multiple healthy options when enjoying comida Mexicana.  Case-in-point: the fajita (can be pronounced fa-heat-a, or as we like to say fa-gight-a).  Fajitas are usually made in a cast iron skillet, and include onions, peppers, and chicken/beef/pork (or extra veggies for vegetarians), all seasoned with traditional Mexican spices.  Very little oil or fat is generally used, and the tortillas (usually corn) are served on the side.  Sometimes a restaurant will offer fajita burritos, enveloping all the fajita goodness with a large flour tortilla that has the diameter of a newborn child’s length.  Submitted for your approval, I present a dinner that offers fajitas for both the carb lover and carb curbers. […]

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